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QAL Updates and other Starfox Slashy News
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Welcome the QAL Updates and Community LJ. This is a place for discussing intelligent Starfox yaoi and yuri, fandom quirks, and just about anything reasonably related to the series. There are, however, a set of rules.

1. The obvious. No flaming. Anyone caught inciting a riot or war will be booted. No execptions. (Of course this does not mean discussion disagreements, you are permitted your own opinion, but being nasty for no good reason will NOT be tolerated.)

2. You no like the idea of Leon x Wolf or Katt x Fara? Piss off! No one is asking you to join or to like it. We'll respect your opinions if you
respect ours. If the subject matter makes you squicky, kindly pass us by.

3. Posting Rules. No adult images/fics without proper warnings and a cut. You may only post your OWN work, not that of another person. NO EXEPTIONS WHATSOEVER.

4. Pertaining to fanficiton. You may post an unfinished work to receive feedback from the community, but try your best to revise the grammar and spelling before posting. None of this one page badly written lemon crap. PWPs are okay, provided they are written well and have at least some motivation behind it. If you are unsure as to whether or not you should post a fic, you're better off not posting it at all. Badfics are accepted as well, just as long as we know you're joking. :P

5. No trying to find a date. This is not a relationship community. If Person X starts romancing Person Y, off you go. Take it to IMs. Of course, we want you to form friendships and interact, but flirting and whatnot should be taken elsewhere.

Alrighty then. That's all I can think of for now, so feel free to join if you wish.