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Signs of Falox from the beginning? 
10:08am 26/04/2006
  Has anybody else noticed it?

Fox and Falco. Were they meant to be more than just piolts on the same team, friends... or was there always something more?

Try locating the Benimaru Itoh 1993 Nintendo Power comics online. (They're a good read.) Even though we have Fara Phoenix in the plot and Fox does seem to take quite a liking to her, remember that Fox makes Fara put on a dress... His dead's mother's dress Fox keeps in a glass case... Then he says Fara looks like his mom... Girlfriend or missing mommy?

Two things lead me to believe Fox and Falco have something more going on:
1. Falco reluctantly beats the shit out of Fox in the comic to "calm Fox down." The reaction on Fox's face is more of an "oh shit, not again" rather than a "you're going to regret this."

2. Eye-to-eye contact + sparkles everywhere = what in anime? ... A new love / romance... Love at first sight. Check out where it's told how Fox and Falco met... Sparkley city, man... Sparkley city.

I kid you not, but make your own judgement if my Falox theory is flawed in your eyes. =3 I have a whole lot more, but I need to journal jump here.

~Wovstah ♥

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>>looking for possible staff member:: 
05:08pm 18/04/2006
  Okee. Looking for a part time fic reviewer for the QAL site. Just someone to review sumbitted fics when I don't have the time/don't feel like reading them.

All it really entails is reviewing a fic I send to you, checking the grammar and spelling one last time, and giving me a small summary of it.

Any takers? Comment on this entry and leave an e-mail.


>>test entry:: 
02:59pm 18/04/2006
  Welcome, the joining starts now. In addition to just being a chatty little community, I will be posting updates to the QAL site. I swear ta God, its joing to get a makeover by the end of May.

I should have something more memorable to post, but I'm not feeling too articulate at the moment.

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