Wulf (dark_neition) wrote in queer_as_lylat,

Last Minute Submissions

Okee dokee. So the illustrious One Year Update will be tonight. Sorry to say that I don't have anything special done for it, since I've been bogged down with shitloads of school work. However, i promise to have something done by the end of November.

So anyways, get those submissions to me by around ten EST time if you've got them!


(And if you're reading this, Atrox, I need Peppy and James' profiles again; I seem to have lost them.... sorry!)

EDIT: Real life strikes again! Sorry kiddos, but that update won't be until late Tuesday/mid Wednesday. Well, at least that means you get a little longer to submit things. Otherwise you'll have to wait until November, as I have decided to only update the site once each month.

Either way, Happy Birthday, QAL! May you continue to corrupt the minds of the innocent. Thanks to everyone for their continued support and let's hope this year brings more lurkers out of their shells.
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