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QAL Update

New fic from Ring; Women's Locker Room.

New fic from Nitch; Barracks.

New art from Haze; girls.

Rants page up! New rant from Octavarius.

Computer Goodies Section up! AIM icon and LJ icon from Pashy, background from Shadowcaine.

Going to work on a few icons, sprucing up the profiles.

And Katty and Atrox, need some profiles for James, Peppy, Lucy, Dash, Amanda, and Slippy. Decided to put everyone up, since, hell. there's slash of them out there somewhere.

Also going to work on a links page. Any one got any good suggestions? They don't have to be specifically Starfox related, as long as they are in the vein of furry or LGBT.
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