Wulf (dark_neition) wrote in queer_as_lylat,

Okee. So I'm not cutting the site loose just yet. And I won't take down the GLS, but don't expect an update for a very longish time, if ever.

A new update will be posted this weekend. ::crosses fingers::

I've got some really nice stuff from Ring, Haze, and even a few new faces, so be sure to check it out.

Also, i'm adding a new category to the art section; computer goodies. Pashy has already been gracious enough to donate her Falox AIM icon. Sumbissions as always go to wulf51@aol.com, or the contact button at the site.

And don't forget to bug bug bug people to send things in if you see them! New works are always appreciated and the site does need some pimping, since it really doesn't have any links yet. (I am lazy, getting on that.)

And we are celebrating our first anniversary next month! Can you believe it? Honestly, I doubted it would last. ^ ^;;; Thank you guys so much for your continued support. remember, this site is for you guys. I just post stuff. :P

And my dear personal flame boy, Link 31, aka Ir0n Falco has finally found us. Took him long enough. He's on http://www.arwinglanding.net/boards if you'd like to look him up and give him a pat on the head. He's too cute! :)

I think that's about all the news I've got. So, stay tuned and all that.
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