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Short Questionaire Regarding QAL

the site I am not the best webmistress/layout person. I used to know html coding, but damned if I remember now. So, Yahoo's program is the only one I really understand. Still, if there's enough interest and a person to help out, I may be willing to shell out a few dollars a month for a cheap web service. It depends on a few things though.

1) Do you want the site to include porn?

2) Would you be willing to donate to a paypal account for the site?

If nobody really cares about adding hardcore porn to the place, then I don't really see any reason to pay for a service right now, as I've got tons of room left to use. The only real problem I have right now is site outages when too many people are trying to view it.

(Please note that the site accepts "porn" only if it's mostly non explicit fiction, or tasteful nudity in artwork. Yahoo's policy is against pretty much all forms of pornography, and I'm already bending the rules a little to allow that.)
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