Kitsune June Wovstah (wovstah) wrote in queer_as_lylat,
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Penguin Award?

Have any of you guys and gals heard of the "Penguin Award?"

This award is given to gaming companies who take the first step into dangerous waters for the sake of inhancing or bringing new life into the gaming industry. ((Much like how the first penguin into the water is risking his neck with all the unseen predators.))

What if:

What if Nintendo was to be the first gaming company to actually have two main characters form a homosexual couple? IE: Birdo and Yoshi, Waluigi and Luigi, Fox and Falco...

Would it be so bad if they took that first step to represent gay gamers everywhere and possibly get a Penguin Award?


Should we continue to abide by "Shigeru Miyamoto's law:" A gamer shall see themselves within a character or two and really connect with them through one or many means.


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