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OMG Wow! I was actually wondering when "falox" as an interest would get another hit under LJ. Well woop de do! :D
My name is Mike, and er yeah. I very much lurve falox and other Star Fox/Lylat Wars related material.

Um, I don't write much... actually I don't write at all. And please trust me. It's a good thing that I don't, because the first thing I wrote was my last. It was that god awful. "Do you want A taste?" is a joke between my friends and I that stemmed from my little story.

Anyway yeah... back on track. :P

As I said, I don't do much in the way of writing, but I'm pretty skilled (in my opinion :P) with Photoshop/GIMP so er... expect to see some Star Fox/Falox themed wallpapers and icons from me!

Er... yz. See you around! ^^;;
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