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10:07pm 28/04/2012
  well, we're in the process of adding a tumblr page to the website... if anyone knows how to use tumblr, can you please contact me... admin@mobianlegends.com or slycooper1986@yahoo.ca ... either one is fine.  


QaL has relaunched under new management! 
10:39pm 29/01/2010
mood: accomplished
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )


11:35am 31/10/2006
  One thing I forgot to mention in the upsate thread: Scott Kaiser (The Octavarius) celebrated his birthday on the 30th. Give him your best wishes!  

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Last Minute Submissions 
12:25pm 30/10/2006
  Okee dokee. So the illustrious One Year Update will be tonight. Sorry to say that I don't have anything special done for it, since I've been bogged down with shitloads of school work. However, i promise to have something done by the end of November.

So anyways, get those submissions to me by around ten EST time if you've got them!


(And if you're reading this, Atrox, I need Peppy and James' profiles again; I seem to have lost them.... sorry!)

EDIT: Real life strikes again! Sorry kiddos, but that update won't be until late Tuesday/mid Wednesday. Well, at least that means you get a little longer to submit things. Otherwise you'll have to wait until November, as I have decided to only update the site once each month.

Either way, Happy Birthday, QAL! May you continue to corrupt the minds of the innocent. Thanks to everyone for their continued support and let's hope this year brings more lurkers out of their shells.

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Guestbook and Other Notes 
01:08am 15/10/2006
  The guestbook has been updated to allow submissions only if they have been cleared by me. This will be in effect until the wave of flamers pass or the asshats who post actually get their facts correct.

I am asking that the staff and guests do not post any extraneous submissions, either. I will not tolerate a flame war, no matter who starts it. We've gone through almost an entire year without incident, so let's try to continue peacefully.

Also, if you'd like to be a part of the illustrious One Year Celebration, start sending things in. If you don't get a reply from me a few days after you send something, please make a note of it here, since I've realized that some submissions end up in my Spam folder.

I'll try to whip up something special, but no promises that it will be on time. Real life is a bitch. :P

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We're insane! 
11:35am 02/10/2006
mood: awake
Did you see that in the guestbook? We're not sane, so we're insane! Muwahahahahahaaaaaaah!

I'm personally happy we have our own little flamers. :) It's cute.

Anyway. Personal update:

Due to college and a busy summer, I have not been able to touch Skin Tight! "Oh noes!" The fic is going on 3 years old now, I'm sure, and I want to finish it by the end of this year. It's going to have at least 12 chapters, opposed to the original 20.

The ideas of the fiction have changed over the years, so I'm just going to finish it up the best way I know how.

Upcoming chapter: Grace, Devine: Dance my Lady in Red

I don't know if this one will come in one part or two.

It will entail an ad for a ballroom dancing contest in Eledard City Hall. The prize money is too good to be true, but Fox and Falco need a way to run from their situation. With what they have on hand, they make for the planet, find where they need to go. But one thing is missing: the lady for the gentleman.

^_~ Stay tuned to see what happens in the next chapter of Skin Tight.

~Pashy ♥


QAL Update 
12:18am 01/10/2006
  new fic by Arius, Deck D

update to "Tomboy," by Ringshadow, Women's Locker Room

new art by Ringshadow, three in boys, one in girls

Octavarious' rant fixed

a few new computer goodies updated

guestbook cleaned

wanted to put up two new bios from Atrox, but due the program being a bastard, wasn't able to. if my room mate stops being a bitch and digs out the router for me so i can hook it up, i'll finally have interweb access down on campus and be able to deal with the site during the week.

also, i put up a new section under fanart (really, it isn't fanart, but not sure where else to stick it), that isn't quite up yet but will be soon. being the geeky Sims addict i am (gasp, my secret is out) i've got tons of video game characters doing my evil bidding, and added a Katt and a Fara Sim to the neighborhood recently, and figured it might be cute to add the antics of one of our favorite lesbian duos to the site. let me know what you think. :P

and as alway, don't forget to pimp the hell out of our little demon child and find more stuff for it! >:)

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QAL news 
03:39pm 27/09/2006
  hiya folks. got some possibly good news.

i'm learning Flash in my computer animation class, so once i pirate it off a p2p network get a copy for myself, we may finally have a non-suck layout. mayhaps. i'm not promising anything, but it's something to look forward to.

i'm also hoping to update this weekend. Ring's got a lot of neat stuff to go up, and Arius' Moon Over Marin will be making its belated appearance. (sorry about that!)

also, our anniversary is October 31, so post suggestions on what you'd like to see over the next coming year. and presents are good, too. :P

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06:54pm 24/09/2006
mood: bouncy
Hugs go out to Caro-Kann in our guest book for whipping out the Bible. Evidently ancient human law of Earth is available and in action in Lylat. ^_^

~Wovstah ♥

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QAL Update 
12:18am 10/09/2006
mood: aggravated
New fic from Ring; Women's Locker Room.

New fic from Nitch; Barracks.

New art from Haze; girls.

Rants page up! New rant from Octavarius.

Computer Goodies Section up! AIM icon and LJ icon from Pashy, background from Shadowcaine.

Going to work on a few icons, sprucing up the profiles.

And Katty and Atrox, need some profiles for James, Peppy, Lucy, Dash, Amanda, and Slippy. Decided to put everyone up, since, hell. there's slash of them out there somewhere.

Also going to work on a links page. Any one got any good suggestions? They don't have to be specifically Starfox related, as long as they are in the vein of furry or LGBT.

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08:22pm 06/09/2006
  Okee. So I'm not cutting the site loose just yet. And I won't take down the GLS, but don't expect an update for a very longish time, if ever.

A new update will be posted this weekend. ::crosses fingers::

I've got some really nice stuff from Ring, Haze, and even a few new faces, so be sure to check it out.

Also, i'm adding a new category to the art section; computer goodies. Pashy has already been gracious enough to donate her Falox AIM icon. Sumbissions as always go to wulf51@aol.com, or the contact button at the site.

And don't forget to bug bug bug people to send things in if you see them! New works are always appreciated and the site does need some pimping, since it really doesn't have any links yet. (I am lazy, getting on that.)

And we are celebrating our first anniversary next month! Can you believe it? Honestly, I doubted it would last. ^ ^;;; Thank you guys so much for your continued support. remember, this site is for you guys. I just post stuff. :P

And my dear personal flame boy, Link 31, aka Ir0n Falco has finally found us. Took him long enough. He's on http://www.arwinglanding.net/boards if you'd like to look him up and give him a pat on the head. He's too cute! :)

I think that's about all the news I've got. So, stay tuned and all that.

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Short Questionaire Regarding QAL 
06:33pm 08/07/2006
mood: sick
the site I am not the best webmistress/layout person. I used to know html coding, but damned if I remember now. So, Yahoo's program is the only one I really understand. Still, if there's enough interest and a person to help out, I may be willing to shell out a few dollars a month for a cheap web service. It depends on a few things though.

1) Do you want the site to include porn?

2) Would you be willing to donate to a paypal account for the site?

If nobody really cares about adding hardcore porn to the place, then I don't really see any reason to pay for a service right now, as I've got tons of room left to use. The only real problem I have right now is site outages when too many people are trying to view it.

(Please note that the site accepts "porn" only if it's mostly non explicit fiction, or tasteful nudity in artwork. Yahoo's policy is against pretty much all forms of pornography, and I'm already bending the rules a little to allow that.)

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Penguin Award? 
12:40pm 02/07/2006
mood: contemplative
Have any of you guys and gals heard of the "Penguin Award?"

This award is given to gaming companies who take the first step into dangerous waters for the sake of inhancing or bringing new life into the gaming industry. ((Much like how the first penguin into the water is risking his neck with all the unseen predators.))

What if:

What if Nintendo was to be the first gaming company to actually have two main characters form a homosexual couple? IE: Birdo and Yoshi, Waluigi and Luigi, Fox and Falco...

Would it be so bad if they took that first step to represent gay gamers everywhere and possibly get a Penguin Award?


Should we continue to abide by "Shigeru Miyamoto's law:" A gamer shall see themselves within a character or two and really connect with them through one or many means.



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QAL Update 
04:38pm 14/06/2006
  New layout. Tell me what'cha think.

New fic from "anonymous," Deck B.

New fic from Ringshadow, Deck D.

New art from Ringshadow, boys.

Also, our dear Ring had a birthday recently, so reply with some good wishes for her.

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11:55am 07/06/2006
  Just so you know, when I say I'm going to do something "tomorrow" I usually mean next week. ^ ^;;;  


01:49am 03/06/2006
mood: tired
Heh heh. Just something simple I did in Photoshop. Not my best work, not my worst.

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05:55pm 31/05/2006
mood: argh
FYI, Aruis (a.k.a. "conerstone" ::GASP::) has created his own yaoi/yuri forum on FFN. erm, i don't have a link, but it's easy to find once you click on the Star Fox section of FFN. he's also got another ficcie up, if yer interested. it's listed under M, though.

and i'm not dead yet, Ring and Aruis have sent in more rainbow stuff to add to the site, which i plan on updating this week. (it may go down for a day or to while i update the layout.)

and SFDS is now Star Fox Command. hm. and most of the people working on it are old Arogaunt (sp?) employees, so we may just have a slim chance for Fay and Miyu, and hell, i'm even crossing my fingers for Fara.


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08:47am 21/05/2006
mood: cheerful
OMG Wow! I was actually wondering when "falox" as an interest would get another hit under LJ. Well woop de do! :D
My name is Mike, and er yeah. I very much lurve falox and other Star Fox/Lylat Wars related material.

Um, I don't write much... actually I don't write at all. And please trust me. It's a good thing that I don't, because the first thing I wrote was my last. It was that god awful. "Do you want A taste?" is a joke between my friends and I that stemmed from my little story.

Anyway yeah... back on track. :P

As I said, I don't do much in the way of writing, but I'm pretty skilled (in my opinion :P) with Photoshop/GIMP so er... expect to see some Star Fox/Falox themed wallpapers and icons from me!

Er... yz. See you around! ^^;;

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QAL Update 
04:22pm 12/05/2006
  Arius' story is FIXED. FINALLY. now read it, it's good.

would've had one from Ring, too, but the file she send fucked itself so i've got to get back to her on it. working on a new layout, reply with any suggests.

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05:03pm 11/05/2006
mood: busy
QAL will be getting an update tomorrow and Arius' story will finally get fixed. I SWEAR TA GOD.

In other news Starfox DS = sweet. 15 characters, the SFX team, Peppy, Rob, and a new bunny girl (who looks suspiciously like a relative of Peppy-kins) already confirmed. (And most likey Bill and Katt will be making a return; you can see their ships in the official trailer.) Cross your fingers for Fay and Miyu. :P

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